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How do you get from Advertising in Amsterdam to Organic Farming in Bali?
“Completely unexpected!”

“Love (see: The Team & Contact) brought me in 2009 to this scenic, unspoiled, still traditional farm village, Munduk Lumbang on the slope of sleeping volcano Adeng.”

In the heart of Bali.

Just a 10 minutes drive from the more touristic Heritage rice fields of Jati Luwih.

For decades this village - blessed with 7 natural springs - has been producing organic red rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, simply because the farmers couldn’t afford chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

“I immediately fell in love with this village and its farmers!” “But I am a city girl, I am not a farmer!”

“Google, together with many students, befriended chefs, guests and of course the farmers & the team educated me.”

“I learned that growing organics (“traditional” is how the villagers call it) isn't about rules and regulations.”

“Rather, it's about living in trust with nature and respecting all life on the planet.”

“Learning by doing, experience the best between east and west, never say never, just live today, best plan no plan, just do it!”

“Besides growing Western organics for our Farm Cafe and Day Tours it's our aim to support and educate the villagers to benefit more from their local organics.”

“At the same time let you as our guests discover “the real and true Bali”.
“Not another tourist trap but being a traveler and explorer instead.”

“This village has educated me: simple life, fresh healthy food and all day being surrounded by big smiles and nature is the new luxury for me”.

“If you like I will love to share the many village/life stories during your lunch.”

When driving home for sure you will be re-evaluating your life and what it’s all about.



Our cozy Farm Café is all in black and white
Poleng in Balinese


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